Luke Fitzgerald is an award-winning film composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Auckland, New Zealand. With tertiary accreditation in both composition and performance, Luke draws from his varied background in orchestral, rock and jazz music to create memorable and unique music for all types of visual media and across all genres including drama, action and comedy.

Luke composes using large, high-quality sample libraries of orchestral, electronic and rock instruments. In addition he collaborates with top musicians for live instrument recordings resulting in top-level soundtracks in any style for film, television, commercials or corporate presentations.

“I have worked with Luke for a number of years now, on projects ranging from action/adventure webseries to Christmas musicals, and have always found him to be incredibly flexible, imaginative and able to create compelling musical accompaniment for whatever ideas I throw at him. Luke not only composes, he also has the ability to come up with hilarious lyrics in very short periods of time, as evidenced in a few of the 48 hours projects we’ve done together. The most recent work we’ve done together was the epic webseries AFK (, where Luke managed to compose nearly two hours of orchestral soundtrack in an impressive range of styles and moods. Friendly, open to ideas and creative, I would have no hesitation in recommending Luke for any project or job opportunity that may come his way.”

Peter Haynes - Writer/Director - AFK: The Webseries.

“I have worked with Luke Fitzgerald on several projects. These include “Pre-Coital”, the “Great Big Science Gigs” and most recently “Somnium”.  In each case Luke has brought great skill as a composer and musician, as well as a disciplined approach and a great sense of humour. His ability to understand the needs of the project and produce quality results to meet these – often in a short timeline – have made him a pleasure to work with. I recommend him highly.”

Chris Krishna-Pillay - Writer/Director – Pre-CoitalThe Great Big Science Gig; Somnium; Dante’s Laboratory.


“Luke Fitzgerald not only possesses formidable talent as both a composer and a performer, but also has the rare gift to be able to assess the level of emotional content required and deliver a score that far surpasses a project’s original potential. This is true not only for individual scenes, but for viewing a project holistically and knowing what would lift it as a whole, from the size of the score to the orchestration. Luke also has the ability to read a scene or piece of footage and create something that enhances the moments without overwhelming anything happening on screen. His ability to make this happen in a short period of time, as was the case with our production, is vital in environments in which time is of short supply.”

Andy Conlan - Writer/Director – The Last Magic Show.


“I have enjoyed working with Luke. He works closely with the client to understand the needs of the project so that he is able to deliver a satisfactory result. Luke’s musical abilities are a joy to work with and his compositions revelatory to the senses.”

Alex Lee – Producer – The Last Magic Show, The Song Of The Hunted; Managing Director – DOCNZ.


On Somnium – The Science Of Sleep:

 “One of the highlights of the New Zealand International Science Festival.” - TV3, New Zealand.

“Fast-paced and fun… Professional and enjoyable.” - Otago Daily Times


On The Last Magic Show:

“Notable is the work of composer Luke Fitzgerald whose score is light and childlike playing into the thematic process of not only the film, but the childlike illusion and awe of magic. Sweet and simple it adds much to the charm of the film.” - Debbie Lynn Elias, Movie Shark Deblore.

“Best things are the beautiful soundtrack…” - User review -

“Luke Fitzgerald’s subtle and sweet score…” - James Croot –

“His music ended up being the last piece of magic that the movie was missing… each piece of music he’d composed was like rediscovering the film all over again… Luke revitalised the movie and took it to a much higher level. Even more incredible is that he managed to create an emotive soundtrack that surpassed my own ideas after only a few short discussions and viewing the scenes from a rough version of the film.” - Andy Conlan, Writer/Director – Onfilm Magazine May 2008.